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Coir Blanket effectively reduces erosion of exposed soil, sand, and other sediments from wind, waves, and overland runoff while providing storm damage protection to landward areas. Coconut Fibre has high lignin content and thus low cellulose content, as a result of which it is resilient, strong, and highly durable.

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Coir twine is made out of coir bristle Fibre which is extracted from husk of the Coconut The wonder of coir twine is that, it is an entirely natural product which has a braking strength up to 100lbs depending on the fibre it made with.
There are mainly two types 2 ply and 3 Ply with the thickness range from 3.5mm up to 12mm. We manufacture tailored twine depending on the application and customer requisite. Coir twine is also used for various industrial purposes and products such as Stringing of hops & other wines, Matting Industry, Oyster cultivation, as well as in Domestic & horticulture industry