Coir Fibre - Arava

Coir Fibre

We manufacture high-quality Coir Fibre for the global market. We are keen on the quality of Fibre, minimizing impurities, and maintain low moisture levels. Mattress fibre & Mix fibre could be compressed into bales, each bale would weigh approximately 120 kg to 125 kg.

Mixed Fibre Bale

Spec as following: Color: white and brown Fibre length: 5-20cm Moisture content: max 15% Impurity content: max 3% Ash content: max 5% Quantity: 1000MT/month Packing:100,120,150 kg bales Country of Origin: Sri Lanka

Mattress Fibre

Mainly used in the manufacture of spring mattresses, Bedding and Upholstery, packing, drainage filters, thermal and acoustic insulation etc., Bale Fibre is produced through traditional milling by separating the long Bristle Fibre from the coconut husk after retting in husk pits.

Twisted Fibre

Twisted fibre is also a very popular method of transporting fibre. Both mattress fibre & mix fibre can be twisted in to coils. 20 KG coils are the most commonly use size of a coil, however 50 KG or even 100 KG coils also could be made out of our twisting machinery.